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A Legacy of Luxury

Our Mission:

To provide superior service to companies, individuals and families relocating to and from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We want to make your move a pleasure!

Your employees deserve the best personal service from one of the true Corporate Relocation service in the area. Our personal time and attention is devoted to meeting all of their needs before, during and after their move to the GTA.

We offer professional services in the following ways


  • City tour and community introduction services

  • Mortgage qualifying

  • School and Special Family Needs assistance

  • Complete access to new construction markets

  • Assistance in job placement for spouse


  • Complete pre-marketing assistance

  • Professional market analysis

  • Referral assistance in new location

  • Certified in third party relocations


  • Fully accredited relocation coordinator

  • National relocation network affiliation

  • Accredited Corporate Marketer

  • Experienced Relocations Team