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A Legacy of Luxury

“Champions” Under 10 Tournament

13 February 2017
Forest Hill Yorkville

Forest Hill Real Estate is proud to sponsor the fourth “Champions” Under 10 Tournament at the Aviva Centre in Toronto, February 17 – 20, 2017. The Champions is a province-wide event that began in 2013. This year’s final weekend will see over 100 of the top Under 10 competitors in the province compete for $20,000 worth of private coaching from their pro. The two winners, one boy and one girl, will each receive $6,000 worth of private coaching over a two year period, with the two finalists receiving $4,000 worth of private coaching each. The event will be a round robin format to begin with, leading to a knock-out tournament to decide the winners. The event will be on a full size court with modified “Green Dot” tennis balls and a modified scoring system.

“The Champions” is the idea of Mr. Murray Rubin, a life-long tennis enthusiast and member of the York Racquets Club in Toronto. Mr. Rubin has donated over $60,000 to “The Champions” over the past 4 years – money that has been used to pay for the one-on-one coaching of the young winners and finalists - $20,000per year, over a two year period. Forest Hill Real Estate and Scotiabank have also generously donated to this year’s event. Mr. Rubin, along with Mr. David Fingold from Forest Hill Real Estate and Mr. Moncef Kechroud from the Scotiabank Forest Hill branch all have the goal of helping produce a Canadian world champion. The OTA shares in the belief that; “in order to produce a great player, you must offer extensive coaching and start players at a young age”. The OTA will administer the tournament and the coaching dollars offered.

The tournament begins at 8am on Friday, February 17 and continues all day Saturday, February 18 with final rounds to be played on Sunday, February 19, no earlier than 10:15am. If draws are bigger, the finals will be played Feb 20. All matches will be played on indoor courts at the Aviva Centre in Toronto, home of the Rogers Cup.

To sign up or for more information visit tennisontario.com.