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A Legacy of Luxury


The sand running through your toes, the water splashing up against your knees, and the sound of seagulls flying overhead make you feel as though you are right by the ocean. You are, in fact in the Beach, a Toronto neighbourhood that really feels like a small town.

The beach, boardwalk, and exciting restaurants are what make the Toronto Beaches such a unique and admired part of Toronto. The Beach is especially popular during the summers, as people from all over Toronto come down to enjoy activity filled days by the water. Residents and tourists often dine at restaurants such as Green Eggplant, the Beachside Grill, and Beacher Café.

A vast majority of detached, semi-detached houses, and condominium buildings located in the Beach still stand with their original exteriors, however have renovated and modernized interiors. Although the beach lies towards the outskirts of Toronto, the Coxwell and Woodbine Subway Stations allows for extremely easy transportation to and from various parts of the city. The young homeowners in the neighbourhood are able to take advantage of the many fine schools located nearby, including Key Beach Junior Public School and Williamson Road Junior Public School.

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