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5 Things Property Buyers Want to See in a Realtor

5 Things Property Buyers Want to See in a Realtor

In the realm of real estate, realtors are similar to matchmakers. When looking, they identify the appropriate home profiles that fulfill your requirements and detect whether there is any chemistry during the viewing process.  It may appear to be a daunting process, as this will be the groundwork for goals and aspirations you would like to achieve with the property. However, we will briefly discuss a few specific issues concerning what a realtor should have in their toolkit and what property purchasers should be aware of in order to lead you in the right direction.


The Welcome Package

When it comes to entering the introductory phase of the agent-client relationship, it's critical to provide the necessities so that each party starts this journey feeling warm and cared for. This includes up-to-date contact information, clear and concise introductions if any applications are used, and availability so the client knows when it is best to reach out. Not to mention, as the icing on the cake, sending out calendar invitations for upcoming meetings and events.


Your Knowledge Is My Knowledge

Each client must feel a sense of luxury in their own right. The wealth of knowledge is truly incomparable. The realtor should provide not only the important details but also the details that may appear insignificant to others, particularly for first-time buyers. For example, offering information on the benefits associated with working with a realtor, a breakdown of their education, and even insight into the marketing strategy. Realtors should also supply a list of your personal recommendations in the city such as social clubs like Soho House, art galleries for home decor inspiration, and even referrals for cleaning services.  


Reading The Room, Literally

As we all know, business is business, but no matter how busy the market appears, any professional agent should know when to turn on and when to turn off certain attributes, no matter how busy the market may seem. In terms of the client relationship, a realtor should provide a pleasant and welcoming environment, especially when it comes to prioritizing your needs when you need it the most. It’s also important to take note of how the realtor interacts with collaborative partnerships like home staging, notary, home inspector, and mortgage broker for a different perspective. For a different perspective, consider how the realtor interacts with collaborative partnerships such as home staging, notary, home inspector, and mortgage broker. Not to mention, if they are represented, and how they communicate with other agents in the office. However, the relator should also know when and how to apply pressure for negotiating and sales. 


References & Referrals

The best way to establish faith and confidence is to provide easy access to any letters of recommendation and what your former clients are saying on your website or through an accessible link in your email signature. If a realtor is well-prepared, they should be able to provide you with this information on their tablet and computer during your meeting, or at the very least, make a note of your inquiry to send you the specifics at a later time. Remember, social media is an excellent tool for gathering testimonials. It can also be quite telling if the realtor has a good personality track record and interacts with public inquiries.


Trend Informed

Active awareness is a characteristic that is key to having in the back pocket of a realtor. If you think about it, an agent should be informed of the current real estate forecast, similar to checking the weather every morning. This can include staying on top of the latest trends that are in the area and city like charity events, local publications to look out for, stock market, sporting events, and even spas to relax at after your new purchase. It is incredibly useful when it comes to conversation starters and keeping a client feeling enthusiastic throughout the entire process. 

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