Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Prepare to Sell Your Home

Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Prepare to Sell Your Home

Partnering with a local agent to sell a home is one of the best steps a seller can take. Professionals know how to make your property stand out from the crowd. Reviewing market trends helps agents to price and prepare properties accordingly. To sell, agents make a high-quality listing and market using multiple strategies. Here’s how we prepare Yorkville houses to sell.

Following current market trends

To understand what preparations to make, an agent monitors market trends. A home will sell much easier during sellers market conditions. In these conditions, sellers should prepare for a quick move, competitive bidding, and a higher priced sale. Buyers market conditions are more challenging to sell in. This is when housing inventory is high and buyer demand is low.

Toronto areas like Forest Hill and Yorkville are currently experiencing a cooling market. The number of home transactions has decreased by 48% compared to last year. This means there is less buyer demand. Months of inventory has also increased drastically compared to last year. It still is low, at 1.9 months. As such, agents must prepare homes to appeal more to buyers for a successful sale.

Setting the right price

Setting the right price for your home is just as important as preparing or marketing the home. Sellers typically don’t have the resources that agents have to calculate the right price. An agent uses professional resources to search for listings similar to your own. They use prices from listings and factor in your home’s particulars to price a property competitively.

Currently, Yorkville houses average about $1.99 million. This is actually a 28.2% increase compared to last year. Sellers can look forward to a high-priced sale. The Forest Hill area has also experienced price appreciation, up 34.5% in the past year. Homes here have an average sold price of $2.215 million. An agent can set a price that isn’t too high or too low.

Deciding repairs and updates

The next step agents make in preparing your home to sell is deciding on repairs. A good way to determine the work your home needs is to get a pre-listing home inspection. Problems can be impossible for a seller to spot on their own. An inspector may find issues relating to the roof, plumbing, the home’s drainage, electrical systems, and its structure. Fixing repairs before a sale reduces the risk of offers falling through because of major issues.

Upgrades can also help boost the value of any luxury property. Agents will understand buyer expectations in the area. With this, they’ll help sellers pick out a project worth its cost. Popular home upgrades to make include renovations to the bathroom and kitchen.

Staging the property

To sell Forest Hill Luxury homes, staging the property is a must. Hiring a professional cleaner is the first step. A home should be devoid of mess or clutter to appeal most to buyers. A dirty home can also inadvertently indicate a home’s poor condition. Curb appeal is just as essential. Agents take advantage of Forest Hill’s lush surroundings by maintaining greenery. This creates a good first impression with buyers.

In the home’s interior, a professional home stager can create the perfect scene by replacing furniture and décor items. An agent will also have an eye for staging design. Homes that are staged should aim for a neutral and bright look. Agents may suggest sellers replace or remove pieces of furniture, take down decorations, and store family photos. Home staging can also help emphasize the property’s best features.

Taking professional photos

Professional real estate photography helps catch a prospective buyer’s eye online. It can also indicate you’re serious about selling. To fully capture a luxury property, a photographer knows how to get the right angle, lighting, and may lightly stage. Then, they’ll edit the photo for shadows, any blemishes, and overall composition.

Creating a listing

Top agents create listings for Forest Hill luxury homes that grab a potential buyer’s attention online. Alongside professional photos, they know all the components of a listing. These include a headline, introduction, description, and call to action. An agent will highlight the home’s best features first to create interest. Then, they’ll describe the property’s specifics. This includes the number of rooms, square footage, and other particulars. For buyers outside of Yorkville or Forest Hill, an agent will provide area-specific information.

Marketing the property

A great agent knows that a listing alone isn’t enough to sell a property. That’s why they market the property online and offline. Online tactics include featuring the listing on their website, using social media platforms, and creating digital resources for buyers.

One of the most important offline marketing strategies are in-person home showings. An agent searches for interested buyers. Then, they coordinate showing times with a seller. An agent can also hold an open house for your property. Other offline marketing strategies include posting a sign in front of your home and sending out flyers.

Ready to sell your home?

We work hard to deliver the quality services sellers deserve. When it’s time to list, we know how to compose the perfect listing and will market it through many means. When you’re ready to sell in Yorkville or Forest Hill, contact the experienced agents at Forest Hill Yorkville to guide you through the process.

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