Luxury Meets Affordability

Luxury Meets Affordability

Andrea Gray Design Shines a Light on Quartz Slabs


During a visit to the Quartex Surfaces showroom, Andrea Gray (principal of Andrea Gray Design) peruses bold-patterned quartz and porcelain slabs from Canadian-based specialists in engineered stone.

Quartex boasts a collection of stone slabs that serve as stunning, stress-free surfaces in kitchens. The slabs boast a practical application for fireplaces, too. In addition to being scratch and stain resistant, porcelain slabs offer terrific high-heat resistance. These durables slabs work equally well with electric or gas connections.

Andrea’s tour showcases their sublime utility and function, which mimic a natural look with their stone designs. The surface of her favourite -- a matte black slate porcelain slab -- even permits hand-written chalk notes.

A glimpse of interior house design, showcasing a beautiful kitchen, a spacious walk-in closet, and a comfortable living room.

Andrea always suggests a visit to the showroom so her clients can choose their stone. There, they can see the movement in the whole stone and eliminate surprises. Here are a few words from Andrea:

“Hi, this is Andrea Gray from Andrea Gray Design.  I went to my favourite supplier for quartz slabs, Quartex.

I find that the quartz and porcelain slabs from Quartex best mimic a natural stone.

In the video, my friend and colleague Daniel shows you a porcelain slab currently used around fireplaces because of its durability against heat.

I also show you two of my favourite slabs from the showroom.

I always take my client to choose their stone. They can see the movement in the slab, and there are no surprises.

I hope this helps you narrow down your search. 


Andrea Gray”

Learn more about Andrea Gray Design, who has incorporated Quartex Surfaces slabs into makeovers and renovations spanning high-end residential and restaurant projects.

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